Kalimba has been manufacturing automatic sand blasting machines since 2005. We introduced into sand blasting machines design such innovations as compact filter system, adjustable gun system, 3+1+3 dustproof system, automatic filter cleaning function after operation, no scratch with o-ring roller system etc. We also designed exclusive vertical sandblasting machine for bended glass.

In 2010 Kalimba increased products range by introducing a new painting machine and curing ovens. In glass painting sector we also introduced innovations.  For example we totally changed the concept of conveyor system. Our conveyors do not require expensive maintenance like cleaning or covering with paper. In our curing ovens we substituted conveyor belt for rollers. In this way we solved problems that occur with conveyor belts: breaking, deterioration, displacing. 

Our unique modular system of curing ovens is the only one in the world. It allows creating a custom made line, best for individual needs of any client. At the same time, each 2 m module is totally independent and functional, and modules are easily connected by a single communication cable.

We are proud of our machines that have been working without any problems in more than 30 countries since 2005.